Apple iPhone 5 Release Slated for March 2012


iPhone 5 Coming in March 2012 - Speculation of specifications iPhone 5 more hotly discussed in various media. One aspect that indeed many consumers diminitai rumored that the last-generation iPhone will come with a much larger screen than the iPhone gadget ever.

iPhone 5 Coming in March 2012

A source is Released in the Telegraph states that the components of a large screen that is believed part of the iPhone 5 have been shipped to America for the raft. This decision complements the new iPhone with a screen measuring 4 inches would align this gadget with the Samsung Android phone with 4.2 inch Galaxy SII as well as the Motorola Razr which sailed 4.3 inches.

Also rumored that there will be a radically different design to the previous model as the fruit of Steve Jobs while still alive. A blog that mengkhusukan trusted discuss Apple products, iLounge believes that the iPhone 5 will be much thinner and powerful than the previous generation. They even claim that the smartphone thickness not less than 8 mm and using a case made ​​of aluminum.

When this 5 if the iPhone will be released? Many blogs are saying that the iPhone 5 will come in March 2012 coincided with the release of iPad. Hexus stated that in February Apple will announce information about this launch coincided with the 'Mobile Wolrd Congress' to be held in Barcelona.

Apple was ready to install the latest IOS software they are indeed in the sieve-sieve prepared for the iPad and iPhone 5 Apple TV product at the same time.