Officially released, Google Drive Space Provide Up to 16 TB


KOMPAS.com - Rumor said last week that Google will launch an online data storage service was on Tuesday (4/24/2012), proved to be true. Google finally officially launched the Google Drive, on Tuesday (04/24/2012).

In addition, Google will provide free 5GB of data storage capacity is also true. The news did come from people within Google who leaked information to The Next Web site technology.

Google Drive is currently available for the computer operating system Windows and Mac, and smartphone and Android tablet. From the description on the official site Google Drive, the search engine company Google Drive will be made ​​to IOS-based devices, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Google Drive can be made to store the data of all formats. Documents, photos, videos, applications, and everything you want.

For those users Google Docs service, may be comfortable using the Google Drive straight for your data automatically stored in the Google Drive.

Likewise with the Android user, you can integrate the data on the smartphone or tablet into Google Drive.

Google Drive offers several options to increase the capacity of data storage space. Among them, 2.49 U.S. dollars per month for 25GB and U.S. $ 4.99 per month for 100 GB.

If you decide to use Google Drive paid, then the storage capacity of your GMail account will be increased to 25GB.

Google Drive option of adding capacity is available up to 16TB.

To start using Google Drive, please go to this link. However, according to Google, not all users can enjoy this Google cloud storage.

When tested by the Kompas Tekno using several different Google accounts, no one else can try Google Drive.

Apparently, users in Indonesia still have to be patient to enjoy Google's online hard disk is.